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The purpose of this web site is to get more people back on bicycles... not speed-demon road racers or off-road mountain bikes, but ordinary bicycles that we ride at a normal, slow pace on roads and paths into our villages, towns and cities. It is to provide information and access to markets, so folks know what to buy and why. It is to advocate for better road conditions and regulations to make it safer and more enjoyable to ride. We find that the bicycle market has become unbalanced, with a focus on speed, be it down a mountainside or going from point A to point B in the shortest time. So we selected the name Slow Cycles to make clear the point of difference. For Slow Cycles, the journey is the point. Slow down - You're Here.

Italy Bicycle Riding

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If you don't remember, go to Europe where still people dress in normal clothes to ride upright on bikes in towns and on country lanes; where they greet each other and pedestrians; where riding is to get around and for pleasure.

Slow Cycles is a web site to focus for that kind of riding. Slow as in "slow food" from Italy, or the sign on Waiheke Island, New Zealand when you get off the ferry: "Slow Down - You're Here"

Slow Down You're Here

You probably don't need much of a web site to teach you about slow cycling... it's as easy as remembering how to ride a bicycle. What is helpful however is sorting through all the boy-racer stuff to find the slow cycling information needed...

  • Who makes slow bikes
  • What are the differences between them?
  • Where to get accessories or clothing? 
  • How to influence local and central government officials to make your home range more slow-cycle friendly.
  • How to buy a bike in Europe, take a cycle holiday and then bring it home on which airline that does not charge half the bike's price as excess luggage.

Those sorts of questions. This also is a link site, since there already are folks doing great blogs and web pages.

So enjoy the read, and then get on your bike. Ride upright so you can see people and they can see you. Take out your earbuds and ride slow enough that the wind is not roaring in your ears. Stop and smell the roses... or let their fragrance waft through as you slowly ride past.


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