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Waiheke Island or Auckland - - rent to try, or buy the best range of ebikes. We're a big fan of what Chris & Darlene are putting together. Try them out

Folding Bikes- a recent unbiased review. We expected Brompton to be the winner, but its not so easy. Good stuff out there if you need a folding bike 

Holiday to Europe, buy and bring home - our vote goes to Bella Ciao and Emirates with its simple, 30 kg baggage allowance. When you get home, add the ebike motor kit 

Lovely Bicycle - Our favourite posts: Velouria finally rides an ebike.

Lovely Bicycle - Our favourite posts: A Closer Look at Italian City Bicycles

Lovely Bicycle - Our favourite posts: How Upright Is Upright?

Lovely Bicycle - Our favourite posts: Lovely Bicycles on a Budget: Vintage vs Modern

Lovely Bicycle - Our favourite posts: What do bike shops want to sell and why



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